PDP: Freud 2.0

Section: Participating in the Honors Community

You probably looked at the title of this page, and then at the section header and was really confused. How could Freud 2.0 coincide with ‘Participating in the Honors event?’ Well, I am about to show you.

Before I can talk a little bit more about the connection to Honors, I have to talk about why I chose to participate in this event. My mom has a degree in counseling, and she has always been very sensitive to the emotions of others. I, on the other hand, not been in tune to the emotions of others as much as I would like to be. So that is one of the major reasons I chose this activity. Freud 2.0 was put on by the counseling center, and it us get to know a little bit more about profession (but I’ll get into that more later). 

Now for the second part of why I chose this activity: Participating in the Honors Community. This event fits in this category (not just because it was listed as an Honors event in the Wednesday PDP email), but because it teaches us about a lot of the values Honors holds most dear. One of those values if finding the most meaning in everything we do, and find the meaning in why other things are done. The meaning can be found my looking deeper into ourselves and others. Why we do things is dependent on our emotions; if we are not in the right emotional state, then we cannot perform to the best of our ability. 

I had never been in the EHS building before Tuesday, October 25th (the day of the event). It was more beautiful on the inside then I thought. One of the first things we did when we got there was take a tour of the Counselor Education program training center. It was great to be able to see behind the scenes, and the observation rooms were really interesting. They had different types of therapy rooms; some designated for one-on-one meeting, some for family therapy, and they even had a room for group therapy. I was surprised at how relaxed a lot of the rooms looked; I had this image in my head that they would all be kinda stuffy, with a long couch for patients to lay on. 

After we toured the counseling center and ate dinner, we were able to watch a mock counseling session. It was really cool to see; the grad students came up with the scenario on the spot, and were able to improvise they answers very realistically. Watching this scenario made me think of my mom and the way she does things. As a special education teacher, she has to deal with difficult children on a daily basis. Listening to this mock scenario made me realize how much she has to deal with on a daily basis.

Honors truly does give us a lot of opportunities that we must take advantage of. By participating in Freud 2.0, I was able to gain more insight into how to deal with the emotions of others. By watching the mock counseling session, I am now able to understand more about the emotions of others. Sometimes when we try to help people, we try to relate things back to ourselves; yet, counseling should be all about them. If someone comes to you, then you should try to make them feel important, feel special. And that is what Honors is trying to do for us. They want us to know that we are important, so that we can go out into the world and do what makes us happy to the best of our abilities.


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