PDP: Mock Rock

Section: Embracing Intellectual Growth, the Academic and Creative Life of the University

I love to dance…when there is no one around…in the privacy of my own room.The point is, if there is ANYONE around to see me, I will not dance, and if I do, it will be painfully awkward (my junior prom was ruined because of this, but that’s a story for another time.) Upon hearing about Mock Rock for homecoming, I though to myself, “That sounds awesome!…but there’s no way I would do it.” Eventually, I decided that I would sign up for it for two reasons, the first being that I could count it as a PDP, and the second being that our theme was Captain America (my favorite!)

Rehearsals for Mock Rock began on a Sunday, and Mock Rock was on Friday, so we had a solid week to practice. There were multiple dances for us to learn, but not everyone was in each dance. Some people were in more than others. I, for instance, was not in as many dances as some other people, which was fine by me. Initially, I was a little disappointed, as I wanted to be in as many as possible. Then, I saw some of the moves they had to do and I was perfectly fine. I was in enough dances to enjoy my time, but not too many where I had multiple chances to embarrass myself. 

For the main dance that I was in (I was also in a bunch of smaller ones) I was placed in the back directly behind the two lead ‘actors’ (AKA Captain American and the Red Skull). I though to myself ‘oh, this is great! No one will see me, and I can still count this for my PDP!’ It was the perfect plan. The week went on, and we all were getting more and more nervous. We practiced our moves late into the night and tried our best to get over how awkward we all felt dancing around Captain America (forgot to mention that part, didn’t I? Yeah, my big dance included dancing intimidatingly around Cap and trying to be a hype man for the Red Skull. I was one of the bad guys. Side note over). The week went on, and finally the day came.

It’s Mock Rock day! I usually don’t get too nervous for things; even in high school sports I wasn’t as nervous as everyone else. Yet, as I sat up in the in balcony of Plactcha Auditorium and saw how good some of these other halls were and how many people were in the auditorium…well, lets just say that I was more than a little nervous. Oh, and did I mention that we went near the end? All I could do was wait. 

Remember earlier when I though to myself, ‘oh, this is great! No one will see me, and I can still count this for my PDP?’ Yeah…not so much. That thought must have been what jinxed me. As soon as I walked out on stage for my big dance and the music started to play, I noticed that I was placed (still in the back) but directly in between the two leads (like before). What was different from our practices, however, was that this stage was MUCH LARGER than the Larzy B’lobby, meaning that there was a big gap between the two characters. Meaning that I was now standing in DIRECT CENTER STAGE with a clear view of me for all to see, not to mention the fact that the people on the balcony had a great shot of me as well (I had forgotten to factor them in initially). I could feel everyone in that auditorium staring directly at me. Yay me.

When I walked out on that stage, I almost froze. I saw all of those people staring at us and it was petrifying. But I did it. I messed up a little bit, but we were a large batch of flying  limbs, so I don’t think anyone noticed. 

Through all of the chaos and running around, I loved participating in Mock Rock. While I still know that I am a horrible dancer, I know now that its OK to be. I had so much fun up there on that stage, and I would have missed out on that opportunity if I had not jumped out of my comfort zone and just went for it. Sure, I probably still looked super awkward up there on stage, but honestly, so did everyone else. Mock Rock wasn’t about being good, it was about having fun…but really, we were the best ones out there.


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