Leadership from the Disney Perspective

During my time at Connections Conference, I had the opportunity to attend a few different lectures dealing with leadership. The one that stuck out to me was one pertaining to Disney. Some people may say that Disney may just be for kids…I think that they could not be more wrong.

Upon walking into the lecture room I immediately knew that I was going to like this lecture. We all walked into music from the movie Mulan (my favorite!) playing, and it turned into a sing-along. The way our speakers set up their presentation was engaging and made everyone want to participate. They passed out some worksheets and asked us to list out top five favorite Disney characters, which was difficult for many of us to do. How could we possibly choose JUST five? Next, we had to list the reasons why we looked up to these characters. What made them worth liking? If they were a leader, were they effective? How so? It made us all think critically about our choices and reflect on who are role model were. After all, we had been watching these characters from a young age; it was clear that they had something to do with out current leadership styles.

I stated this a little easier, but my favorite Disney movie is Mulan. Mulan is such a strong woman, and wants to be able to do all she can for those around her. She won’t take no for an answer, and she chooses her own destiny; no one else can make her decisions for her. This is the kind of attitude about life that I aspire to have, and knowing that looking up to her (even though she may be fictional) will help me become a better leader is great to now. This was such an enjoyable lecture to take part in; it was fun, interactive, and engaging. I learned a lot from it and would certainly recommend that others take a closer look at their favorite Disney characters. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a little more about yourself in the process as well.


{Picture credits to the Walt Disney Company}


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