PSY 100L

As a part of the Leader Advancement Scholarship protocol, one of the classes we were required to take was PSY 100L, Introduction to Psychology. I took this class Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-4:45 with Professor Matthew Prewett. Since it was an introductory class, we just covered the concepts of Psychology with a brief overview of the important points. I had always heard that psychology was an easy class, and I have always been a good student, so I figured this class would be pretty easy. I was wrong, and here is what I learned:

For starters, our psychology class was purely lecture based with online assignments. Every class period, Prof. Prewett would go over 30-40 powerpoint slides. I have had teachers like this before, and always found it difficult to learn from this method; this class taught me a lot of discipline and self-guided learning. I had to be motivated to do my work, or else I would not learn anything and I would fail. Also, from the disciplinary perspective, the fact that our professor posted all of our powerpoints on Blackboard for us made it very tempting to miss class. Especially late in the day, sometimes I just did not feel like going; yet, I knew that if I wanted to succeed I had to go. And so I went every day.

Now for what I learned in this class. Most of the class was just a brief overview of different concepts of psychology, which sometimes made them hard to learn. If you are going to teach me something, I want to know all about it, not just the simple stuff. For example, we got to learn the anatomy of the brain and some of its functions. We did not stay very long on this subject, and in turn a lot of that information was soon forgotten. I would have liked to have gone more in-depth in interesting topics like this. Nevertheless, there were a lot of things I learned about leadership through psychology, including different motivational theories and social loafing. I thought this topic connected the most the leadership, and even LAS. It was great to learn a little bit more on the different motivations that people have for doing the things that they do and how others have an influence on them. I can use this information in the future to learn how to effectively motivate people and make sure they are working towards their fullest potential.


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