Start With Why

For our LDR 100 class, we were split up into 6 groups to do a project on our assigned book. My group consisted of myself, Jake, Susie, Kelsey, Madeline, Katie, Tessa, and Kristina, and we were assigned the book Start with Why by Simon Sinek. This book centers around a concept known as The Golden Circle. The Golden Circle centers around the concept that is

golden-circle stated in the title of the book:in order to be an effective leader, and to get people to follow you, you must first start with WHY. I found this book very intriguing because I initially though that what you did was WHAT made the biggest impact in someones life. If WHAT you did was done well, then everything else didn’t really matter. I turned out to be wrong, and in turn my perspective changed. I began to think about the WHY more.

Along with reading our assigned novel, we also has to create a project to go with it. Now, a lot of our book centers around businesses, and how companies such as Apple have become so successful. With our project, we decided to take a different route, and asked people about who inspires them the most. Once they have chosen their person, they then had to think about WHY this person was their role model. We asked a wide age range of people, and in turn they all thought about their answers differently. It was interesting to be able to see their answers, and see them have to critically think about WHY they admire these people and not just what these people do for them. You can watch the video that we made here!

While WHAT you do and HOW you go about doing it are easy to identify, WHY you do things can be hard to identify. It is your reason, your purpose, for everything you do. It is your backbone. Upon reading this novel, I have come to analyze more the reasons for WHY I do what I do. What is my purpose? Do I do things because I enjoy them, or because I feel obligated to? Do I volunteer to help people, or because it will look good on a resume? Reading this novel has made me reevaluate my motives, and the motives of others. It was a great book to read and I highly recommend it.


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