“Who Am I To Judge?”

Current Leader Reflection

If there is anyone who accurately represent what a great leader, and an overall fantastic human being is, it is Pope Francis. As soon as Pope Francis took over as the head of the Catholic Church, he knew he wanted to make some changes. He saw all the negativity in the Church, and witnessed the unfavorable stigma associated with the religion. The new Pope was determined to show the world the true meaning of the church; that we are supposed to love EVERYONE regardless of their shortcomings, and forgive them of anything. He has been the pontiff for a little over two years now and he has done wonder for not only the Church, but the world as a whole. He leads with grace and dignity, and his calm demeanor draw in the masses. People are inspired to follow him not just because of his faith but because of his actions.

When Pope Francis was asked about his opinion regarding gay marriage (something many in the Church had previously been vehemently against), Pope Francis simply replied, “Who am I to judge?” He showed people that, even if some were not displaying love in the ‘traditional’ since, it didn’t really matter. It is not our place to judge. God loves everyone, and He would not want us to judge and hate others for something as beautiful as love.

Pope Francis, in addition to being the head of one of the biggest religions in the modern world, is also viewed as an important political leader. There are many who may not agree with his religious endeavors but his political opinion is valued. So valued, in fact, that Pope Francis mediated a meeting between President Obama and Raul Castro that precipitated drastic foreign policy changes (you can learn more about it here).

These countries have had horrible relations for DECADES, and Pope Francis was able to bring these two men (neither of which whom are catholic, by the way) together and make a difference. Amazing.

Pope Francis gives me hope that there are still good leaders out there in the world. Most people in a position of such high power use their position for their own personal gain: but not the Pope. He truly wants to make the world a better place and he demonstrates that in everything he does, and he does not focus on what other people of power think of his actions. He doesn’t take bribes, and he doesn’t want the Church to either. In a world filled with a declining number of ethical leaders in places of high political and social power, he gives me hope it is still possible to lead and make a difference by sticking to your morals.

Pope Francis Leads Way Of The Cross On Rio's Copacabana Beach
 (Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

I believe there is a lot for everyone to learn from Pope Francis, whether you are religious or not. Everyone can learn to not be so judgmental towards others. It is our job to give love, so that others may feel the love of God; it is not our place to judge them for decisions we may not agree with. Lastly, he teaches us to follow our own morals and not succumb to the pressure of others. It will be hard, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Gosh, I just love the pope.

In watching how the Pope conducts himself on a daily basis, and by learning from the tolerance he preaches, I hope to live my life the same way. I want to learn to lead with grace like he does, and teach others to live in his example as well. The world needs a lot more kind and accepting people in it, and I hope to become a leader who can both exemplify that standard and teach it to others.




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