COM 461L

One of the other LAS protocol classes that I got to take this past year was COM 461L – Communication in Leadership. While I may not have learned too much new information in the class (most of the theories I learned in LRD 200), I gained the ability to use the information I had learned and apply it to my own leadership style (additionally, I had the PLEASURE of meeting Dr. Carlson, the wonderful professor for this class. More on her later.)

For the class, every week we learned about a different leadership theory/style (such as Servant Leadership, the Pygmalion Effect, Transformational Leadership, etc.). Dr. Carlson was very passionate about the subject – even if the information wasn’t new to us, she was able to get us to relate the information to our everyday lives. She strived to make every class interesting and fun, and she succeeded.

One of the main components of the class was storytelling. An important part of leadership, we learned, was that you must be able to tell a good story. Some of the questions that are important to answer in your storytelling are: what happened in an important leadership moment for you, what did you do, what didn’t you do, what was the after effect, and were there any leadership theories that you were able to apply to this particular situation? We tell stories every day – to our friends, coworkers, superiors, and followers. This class helped me to gain confidence in my storytelling ability. Sure, I’m fine with speaking in front of people, but I am known for speaking fast and occasionally rambling. By being able to slow down my thoughts and clearly articulate my message, I can better communicate with my followers.

Overall, this was a wonderful class to take. Dr. Carlson was a joy to learn from, and I loved having a class with my LAS cohort for pretty much the last time. I feel I gained a lot from this class and the people in it, and I look forward to applying my newfound skills to wherever life takes me.




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