My Mentoring Experience – Not What It Could Have (Should Have) Been

Every year, the sophomore LAS class is tasked with mentoring an incoming freshman student. My mentee this year was Katie Piggott, a girl who is passionate about everything that she does and will be a driving force in this world. She was an amazing person to get to know this year; I however, could have … More My Mentoring Experience – Not What It Could Have (Should Have) Been

COM 461L

One of the other LAS protocol classes that I got to take this past year was COM 461L – Communication in Leadership. While I may not have learned too much new information in the class (most of the theories I learned in LRD 200), I gained the ability to use the information I had learned … More COM 461L

PHL 118L

During the Fall 2017 semester, myself and most of my LAS cohort took PHL 118L – Moral Problems. During this class we learned about different moral theories (as well as like-case examples), argued in support or against different moral problems in society as a class, and wrote papers defending or refuting different moral problems that … More PHL 118L

Year in Review

Leadership theory application and year in review Wow, what a year. In just a few short months, I have changed more than I could have ever imagined. I met people I would never normally talk to, did things I have never done before, and accomplished a multitude of different things. Here is a little bit … More Year in Review