I helped at the International Community School in Decatur Georgia for a week, using some of the skills listed. Photo courtesy of Kaci Clayton.

Facilitation-I have always enjoyed facilitating groups discussions and activities. I am not one for small talk or meaningless ice breakers, so I always make sure to make everything I do engaging and fun. I am good at thinking of meaningful questions to ask and making sure everyone is involved in whatever I am facilitating.

Large Group Public Speaking-This is a skill that I realized during my senior year of high school. Whenever I had to give a presentation speech to a very small group (less than 20), I became very nervous. My voice would shake and I would forget much of what I had to say. Whenever I practiced my speech for graduation (in front of a group of 5 people), I had terrible nerves. I talked way too fast and had to look down often. However, once graduation day came and I had to give my speech in front of 1,000+ people, I was totally fine. My voice was steady and I read my speech with ease. Even in groups of 30-40 people I tend to give good presentations. If there are more people, then there are less people for me to pay attention to, and thus I have less to worry about.

Mediation-I have always prided myself on having a very calm demeanor. In hectic situations I am able to keep a level head, and I always try to help others keep those same feelings as well. In tense situations, I am able to bring people together to work on any issues that they may have so that they find some common ground. People may have opposing opinions, but that does not mean that they cannot come to an agreement that incorporates both sides of the argument/issue. I am good at finding this middle ground.