My Mentoring Experience – Not What It Could Have (Should Have) Been

Every year, the sophomore LAS class is tasked with mentoring an incoming freshman student. My mentee this year was Katie Piggott, a girl who is passionate about everything that she does and will be a driving force in this world. She was an amazing person to get to know this year; I however, could have … More My Mentoring Experience – Not What It Could Have (Should Have) Been

Before the Trip

Growing up, education was always something that was emphasized in our household. My mother was a teacher and when she came home every night, me and my siblings could tell just how much my mom cared for her students. Education is vital to our everyday lives; without it, the opportunities available to us are greatly … More Before the Trip

Connections Confrence

The Connections Leadership Conference is an annual conference held at the Great Wold Lodge in Traverse City, MI. It is put on by the Leadership Institute to teach 100+ people from groups all over CMU’s campus about how to make connections (as the name implies) within your group and others, and how to become effective … More Connections Confrence