Many of you have probably looked at my page so far in my first semester of college and wondered to yourself, “Mary, what exactly is a PDP?” That is what this page is here to tell you! The Personal Development Plan (or the PDP for short) is a project that I had to complete for my Honors 100 class here at Central Michigan University. This project was created to get students involved in campus life and show them all that college has to offer. Also, it gave students the opportunity to get acquainted with all the diverse people in our world, along with giving us the chance to learn a little more about ourselves. This project was really eye-opening, and I can safely say that the roughly 150 of us who participated all grew substantially throughout the process.

Located in this blog are detailed descriptions of all 10 events that I participated in, and how they impacted me in their own special way. To find all of them, simply type “PDP” into the search bar and they will appear!

I hope you all enjoy my experiences as much as I did.